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Is Your Copier, Printer or Fax Machine in need of repair?


With nearly 30 years of copier, printer and fax machine service experience, you will get fast and honest answers to your copier repair needs and at prices that could be the best around. Contact us with any questions you might have.

Repair experience is the key to saving you time and money. With experience, in most cases we have a very good idea of what is wrong with your machine before we end our first conversation on the phone. And that is very important to making your copier repair as fast as possible.copier repair


copier repairWe offer copier service maintenance agreements and copier repair by the hour for a lot of different brands and models of copiers, printers and fax machines in the St Paul, Minneapolis, MN metro area.


Below are some common issues that we see. Hopefully the answer to your problem is here, if so, you may not need a service call? Call us if you have any questions, we have solved a lot of problems over the phone!

Important Copier Service Tips:

Always use copier toner/ink from your “local” copier dealer, or copier service supplier. There is what we call “Toner Pirates” out there trying to sell you overpriced and incorrect supplies for your copy machine.

They are very good at making you believe they are the company that you either purchased or get your copier service with. They use terms like “your prices are going up soon and you need to order now”.

Their supplies can be very high priced, or even worse, there supplies are not the right ones for your specific copier and will not work in your copier. In addition, this could cause all kinds of problems and expenses because these problems will not be covered, even if you have a service maintenance agreement. So please contact us if you ever have suspicions before you order anything.


With a majority of copiers being multifunction machines (MFP`s) they can communicate with your computers and are tied to your network now. This can lead to multiple issues when trying to print or scan. If you are having problems with these functions, you are more than likely to call for copier service, but the problem could be a network, driver, or even a computer issue and not your copier at all.

You can easily check to see if there are network, driver and computer issues first by checking with other users and other network functions to make sure all is good, if not, you may need to call your network administrator and not your copier repair company.

When we come out to service your equipment, we will take a look at the whole machine and give you an honest assessment of what is needed now to get up and running and also what you will need in the future. Sometimes this will happen, but rarely, you will run into a situation where your machine might not be worth fixing and it may be cost effective to replace it. If it ever comes to that we do offer low cost new and used copiers for sale as well to help correct the problem at hand.


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Just so you know, besides the Twin Cities area, our Copier Sales and Copier Repair service area also includes Apple Valley, Eagan, Inver Grove Heights, St. Paul Park, Newport, Cottage Grove, Oakdale, Rosemount, Woodbury, West St. Paul, Hastings, Burnsville, Mendota Heights, MN and others as well.